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This site was created when we first found out the "official conspiracy theory" of 19 hijackers causing the collapse of the twin towers on September 11th was not possible given the evidence. We created this site to bring the evidence to you, and you can decide what you believe to be true. The best way to start is to view this short flash movie.

Loose Change by Dylan Avery has taken the 911 awareness movement by storm. this college age kid has created a hip young documentary about 911 which speaks to the younger crowd in a much better way than other documentaries, and is highly recommended.

We asked Eric Hufschmid, the author of the DVD called Painful Deceptions, to allow us to post his video on our web site, and he agreed that the word needs to get out to everyone in every way possible. He also sells his DVD's and books at his site, and offers boxes of them for low cost.


We also have been in contact with the makers of the video 911 In Plane Site - another great documentary on the 9/11 cover-up and have made their video available for download here as well. The video creator Dave vonKleist has asked listeners to his radio show to copy this video and "get it out any way you can". After watching this, you may wish to purchase the DVD version so that you can prove to yourself and friends that none of this actual news footage from the major media has been tampered with.

Secret Evil of 911 is another video of evidence which is very quick and concise. At 20 minutes you will learn the most critical 9/11 issues and evidence in an entertaining format.

We are constantly looking for more videos to spread the truth of this and other cover-ups worth of discussion and debate. If you have an idea, send us a suggestion.

You will see in these videos many revealing questions about what really happened on September 11th, 2001, and the evidence will anger and astound you and make you question the accounts of the event by the major media. There are amazing questions here which demand to be answered.  What will you do when you find out who really attacked America that day? Who is the real enemy?

These downloads are free of charge because we pay for the bandwidth required to transfer it to you. If you cannot donate $1 to help cover our costs, please contribute by encouraging people to watch this video. You can post links to our web page; make CDR's or DVD's for your friends; hold viewing parties or public screenings for church groups or hand them out on street corners.

The media is not investigating this issue, and every US congressman and senator has gotten copies of these videos already, so it's up to us to pass this information around. Also, please support these video makers by buying their DVD's if you can.  We make no profit from this site and hope to support the documentary makers with these small sized prevue versions of their works.

Ignorance of 9-11 is nothing to be proud of. We don't expect you to agree with everything these videos offer, but you should be able to discuss the issue in an intelligent manner with the help of this evidence.

Download the video from one of the following links. If we run out of bandwidth, please try to download the files the following day. Keep in mind this video distribution is approved by the owners of the work.

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Flash Video Introduction to The Truth of 9/11

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Here are some issues about the September 11th attacks to consider:

World Trade Center Towers

Building 7


The Planes

A physics professor at Brigham Young University has published a paper concluding that available evidence indicates that the World Trade Center towers were demolished by explosives (pdf). 60 of his fellow professors agree with his analysis and are simply calling for more investigation, as we are. Is that too much to ask?

Christopher Bollyn, of the American Free Press, writes:
The Soviet-style secrecy surrounding Sept. 11 has succeeded in keeping the American public in the dark ....
Painful Questions presents compelling evidence that the attacks were “a scam of immense proportions.”

Take action - get involved - inform yourself and pass it on!

Open the door to learn more...

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