- Think for yourself has been online since August 16, 2004. The mission was to inform people about evidence regarding the 9/11 attacks with video content, however many other web sites now offer more complete information as linked below.

At this point we feel that one single little-known fact can move people towards asking more questions about the fall of the towers on 9/11 (bolding added):

"About a year after the official program to identify victims had ended, more human remains turned up on top of the Deutsche Bank Building, which stands about 400 feet to the south of the location of the former South Tower. According to the Associated Press, more than 300 human bone fragments were recovered from the roof of the 43-story skyscraper as workers removed toxic debris in preparation for a floor-by-floor take-down of the building. Most of the fragments were less then 1/16th of an inch in length and were found in gravel raked to the sides of the roof of the building. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation purchased the building and is planning to begin its deconstruction in June, after removal of toxic waste -- including asbestos, lead, and other materials (including human bone fragments) deposited on it by the destruction of the Twin Towers. (USA Today) (source)

OK, so one minute a person is standing in a high rise office building, and the next minute they are so small as to be found amongst the gravel on top of a building more than a football field away...

If this seems curious to you, please continue your journey, here are some more sources of information for you to pursue.

9/11 Mysteries Movie PLEASE NOTE: This video on has been search-blocked - this means you can not find it by searching - only by this link. Take from that what you will...

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